Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does Okanagan Cultivators pay a dividend?

Yes, we are paying an 11% dividend payment annually to all shareholders.

2.  Is Okanagan Cultivators a regulated company?

Yes We are fully regulated by the Canadian government.   Business Number  (BN): 768497471  Registry ID: BC1225549

3.  How many shares have you sold to shareholders.

We have sold out our first allocation of 10 million shares in December of 2020.

4.  Are there any shares available for sale now?

In January 2020 we will have available an allocation of 5 million shares.

5.  When will you list on the stock exchange?

We are in process of the necessary filings and building up our companies value for a listing in the near future but can not provide an exact date at this time as this information is not available to us.

6.  Do I have to be a Canadian to invest?

No we accept investment from individuals and institutions across the globe.